Updated 7/7/98
Boost Gauge Reviews
(Plus some other stuff...)
Compiled by Frank Mowry

NOTE: Thanks to Tom Collins and Extreme Motorsports for the pictures. Many gauges are available from their website.
VDO 0-30 PSI
Pros: Easiest to read, big markings, cheap price (~$45)
Cons: dim backlight, too deep for standard Miata a-pillar, no vacuum readings.

VDO 30-0-25 PSI
Pros: Cheap (~$45), shows vaccum
Cons: dim backlight (better than 0-30 though), too deep for standard Miata a-pillar, boost numbers are really close together.

SPI 30-0-30 PSI
Pros: Nice construction, good layout, choice of face colors
Cons: Expensive (~$125), too deep for Miata a-pillar.

Autometer 30-0-30 PSI
Pros: Nice construction, nice number layout, fits in Miata cup.
Cons: More expensive (~$80), only in white face.

HKS early model 30-0-20 PSI (Pictured installed in Franks Miata)

Pros: good construction, no flickering of needle, decent lighting, shallow so it fits the BEGI cup.
Cons: Expensive, only goes to 20 PSI and I was running higher boost (not Miata), and I don't think they're available in PSI anymore, only bar

No Pics Available Yet For The Following:

Cartech (Westach) 30-0-30 supplied with FM II turbo kit.

I'm negative biased towards this gauge right now because the one I got from Corky wasn't centered on Zero and had problems. He's replacing it now but I'll give my opinions on what I've seen so far.

Pros: Cheap (comes with BEGI turbos), available from JC Whitney, nice widespread boost numbers, fits in Miata cup.
Cons: available from JC Whitney, cheap construction, very dim light, needle flutters when not in boost (could be source related)

Various 2 inch EGT gauges


The Mitsu Blow Off Valve (BOV) Supplied With The BEGI/FM Turbo Kits

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 BOV

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